New Martenson Report: Risk Increases - The Flood Continues

Monday, November 9, 2009, 8:54 PM
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There's a new Martenson Report ready for you.  It's quite germane to today's market action. 

Link to Risk Increases - The Flood Continues

Here's a snippet:

The liquidity flood continues, with money dumped into the markets on a weekly (if not more frequent) basis.  Last week the Fed pumped more than $18 billion into the system through its purchase of agency debt and MBS.  That's what we know about.  This week we found out that central banks around the world have pumped a quarter of a trillion dollars into Lloyds.

How many other such deals do we not know about?  How much of this secret money is reflected on the books for the public to scrutinize?  Why does the Fed refuse to be audited?


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