The Journey From Here to There Has Begun

Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 3:43 PM
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Well, things at the reactors seem to have been far worse than we were told.  Again, regrettably, I am operating on incomplete information that is out of date, and quite probably not only incomplete but also, if past trends are predictive, understated.  Sooner or later I am going to get something very wrong in this story, which I worry about a lot, but so far I have been well ahead of the curve.

The conclusion of the data and educated guesses below is that if you live in Tokyo or closer, and can take a vacation to Nagoya, or somewhere further, please do so. If not, please be ready to shelter in place for a while by having food and water stored in your domicile.

The troubling news (admission?) has to do with a neutron beam detected last week over a three day period:


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