It's Time to Prepare - Follow-Up

Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 4:36 PM
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There were a number of excellent responses in the comments to the last Martenson Report.  Here I will address a few of them in a post, rather than sprinkle my responses throughout the thread, where some may miss them. There were /a lot /of excellent responses, and I will try to get to them all here or in the next report. I wish I could have gotten to these 24 hours ago, but I spent the last two days in Washington DC, on K Street, attending a conference on population and sustainability.  I gave a short presentation there, but my highlights were the opportunity to hear Richard Heinberg, William Catton (Overshoot - the 1980 classic), and Dennis Meadows (Limits to Growth), among other notables, give their presentations, and then interact with them during discussion sessions. So here I am, back in the office and charged up from the new energy that is surging through the various communities of dedicated people addressing facets related to the three Es.


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