Essential Reading for Labor Day Weekend

Saturday, September 5, 2009, 9:42 AM
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Here's what I've been reading this week, with some short commentary.  My current take is that there's another shoe just about ready to drop.  I think the stock and bond markets have been delusional at best; a manipulated propaganda affair at worst.

At least we know for certain the bond markets are fully manipulated, because the Federal Reserve openly tells us each day about their activities there.  Stocks?  Not nearly as much transparency there, but I know more than one money manager who is thoroughly frustrated at their inability to safely protect their clients by performing due diligence and investing wisely.

It's now something of a rigged game, and only those on the inside have the necessary knowledge and trading infrastructure to capture the gains.  Goldman Sachs' 90% (plus) "win rate" last quarter is an example of this.  You know, the one where they recorded 49 days of at least $100 million in trading profits?

We begin with some unraveling of the best-laid plans and intentions - they always seem to fall apart when the checks need to be cut.


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