Federal Government Needs Massive Hiring Binge, Study Finds

Thursday, September 3, 2009, 11:38 AM
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As part of our continuing series on "why things will proceed until the break," we have this delightful article from the Washington Post, trumpeting the 'findings' of a study by a think tank representing the views of public employees that - surprise! - concluded that a "massive" hiring binge is required.

The think tank in question, the Partnership for Public Service, was founded in 2001 by a corporate raider, Samuel Heyman, who apparently has a passion for corporate governance as well as public government.

This is exactly the sort of article that the Washington Post loves to run - one that unabashedly calls for growth in the size and scope of government.  Nowhere in the article will you find a countervailing point of view that might dare to suggest it is large enough already, let alone a voice (like mine) that would claim it's too large.


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