Doing It Right in Canada

Sunday, April 1, 2012, 9:23 AM
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I have just returned from a trip to Canada, where I had the chance to present the core ideas of the Crash Course to audiences in Alberta and the city of Guelph. The message was well received in both locations, and I am heartened to see the great work happening across Canada, to not only learn about but act on issues related to the intersection of the economy, energy, and other natural resources.

It was also my distinct pleasure to meet several long-time subscribers along the way, and to chat with you all (hello again!). The most typical refrain I heard from you was why don’t more people see things this way? That is something we’ll be covering in greater detail here in the future, especially once the new website is up and launched and we have a better platform and venue for offering such material. I will note that one of the more important elements of our weekend seminar offerings is on exactly this subject. Our only other seminar being offered in 2012 is on the last weekend of June at Kripalu, and it would be a pleasure to see you there.

On to the markets and other thoughts...


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