Dispatch #1 from the field

Thursday, December 30, 2010, 1:05 AM
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Chris and I are spending the week at a non-partisan conference where players from diverse industries explore ideas & trends they find most relevant to the world today. As we can steal time to do so, we'll send out field dispatches with our notable observations from the event. 

First, a little about the company here. It's a medley of politicians, financiers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, religious leaders, actors, media personalities, and educators - of all generations. Some of those here are household names; all are engaged in endeavors that impact society in some noteworthy shape or form. It's both a fascinating and intimidating crew to mix with.

Chris and I are here to get first-hand visibility into the issues these decision-makers are focused on, as well as to engage their attention on our mission. Can they introduce new perspective or support that will help us better serve our readers?

This morning we attended panel discussions on politics, energy supply, investing, the economy, and social media. Here are our takeaways so far.


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