Debt-Based Money Is The Problem

Saturday, July 10, 2010, 4:21 PM
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Note:  I am thinking this may be a good post for the front of the site, but am looking for your feedback here in the enrolled area before 'going live' with it.  Can you spot any weaknesses in it?  Have I made my case?  Is anything unclear? 

Recently there has been a very engaging discussion going on over in the forums [LINK] that puts forth the argument that there is no logical reason why a system founded on debt-based money must grow exponentially.

Clearly such a claim cuts right to the very heart of the Crash Course and all of its implications, so I decided to, once again, wade into these messy waters before too much more confusion is sown.

Poster Darbikrash said, "the material and thesis proposed by poster “diarmidiw” clearly show major holes in the debt based currency construct as outlined in the Crash Course," while member Farmer Brown said in response, "It is a logical and mathematical fact that money/debt growth is NOT required for debt-based money to work."

So I need to address this before it goes much further.


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