Casey Research Summary (And I'm Off to Join a Protest)

Friday, October 7, 2011, 5:49 AM
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Note:  I am going to travel to NYC today to attend the Occupy Wall Street protest. I want to see firsthand who is there and what their concerns are. It's not that I don't trust the media to accurately portray the concerns of the attendees... Okay, yes it is, that's exactly my concern. I will be traveling with an accomplished media crew to record the event, interviews, and my observations. If you are planning to be there, we will be starting at Zuccotti Park, arriving there about 1:30 pm. Look for us, and let's connect and have some fun!

I had an opportunity to attend and present at the Casey Research Summit in Chandler, AZ on October 1-3, 2011. My perception of the audience, shaped during conversations held during breaks and over dinner, was that of interesting and curious people, most of them incredibly successful in life, seeking to better grasp what the issues and opportunities of our day really are. At times I felt like I was at a wedding, where there’s really no chance of connecting with all the people you wish to speak to.

The conference itself was incredibly well run – like a tight ship – and I learned a lot from the other presenters and exhibitors. My own talk was quite well received, and a quick show of hands at the beginning revealed that roughly 90% of the 450 in attendance had not yet heard of the Crash Course nor been otherwise exposed to my work.

I always relish the opportunity to reach new audiences and this was a great one. (Thank you, Carl!)

My key take-aways from the conference were:


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