About that sinking feeling...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 7:36 AM
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Back in May, I was struggling with whether or not to send out an Alert.  For those new to the site, an Alert is an extremely rare thing for me to send, and I do not do it lightly.  There must be compelling evidence that something extraordinary is afoot that would personally cause me to take specific actions or kick my current rate of activity into a higher gear.

During early May, right before the recent bouts of market volatility, I was growing increasingly concerned by the constellation of market signals that I was seeing, but not concerned enough to actually issue an alert.  Truth be told, I was struggling quite a bit with the decision about sending one, and finally on May 13th, I wrote and posted the Insider titled, "I've got that sinking feeling."

Just this morning, member Spectrabill left this comment on the bottom of the thread for that post:


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