If you’re like Chris was when he first began trying to understand what was happening with our economy, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the vast ocean of weblogs, books, magazines, seminars, and other material out there.

The good news is that Chris, Adam and the Peak Prosperity staff have gone to great lengths to filter the most important information down to you here.

The content below has been selected to help get you up to speed quickly and thoroughly in understanding the unsustainable nature of the “Three E’s”: our Economy, Energy and the Environment. Read and return to the resources on this page as often as you need to.

The fundamentals

Begin your journey by watching the Crash Course. It’s our extremely popular video seminar series (over 5 million views and translated into 10+ languages) explaining how our Economy, Energy, and the Environment are interdependent and currently collapsing under unsustainable policies. This is essential viewing for fully understanding the framework we use in our analysis and discussions on this site.

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Helpful reading

Each year, our readers and staff highlight publications that are particularly noteworthy in their usefulness in explaining key concepts.

We maintain a list of books and online articles and videos that are “best of the best” compilations and will save you literally hundreds of hours from having to identify them on your own.

Learn how to put this material into practice

The goal of this site is to enable you to take informed action to build your resiliency today to whatever the future may bring tomorrow. Our What Should I Do? guide provides a solid introduction to the most relevant steps for those starting on the path to resiliency.

It’s one of the many helpful resources you’ll find aggregated within our site’s Resilient Life section, which is dedicated to the action steps of resiliency-building. There you’ll find daily articles on a wide range of preparation topics — plus extremely useful resources such as our Wikis, which offer in-depth learning for the most common skills you’ll want to develop, and our Groups, which let you find people in your local area to collaborate with.

Get the entire picture

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