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    Latest Crash Course Installment

    by Chris Martenson

    Thursday, April 17, 2008, 5:37 PM

Whew! This Chapter practically killed me…Iam embarrassed to say how much time I put into this one…nearly 60
hours…but it’s one of the most important
chapters of all, because our monetary system, and entire way of life, is based on debt.

So I felt I had to do the best I could on this one.

Why do I do this? I’m not entirely sure. I feel compelled, like it’s my
duty to do what I can to help you; my friends; our communities;
everybody recognize that it’s time to start making some changes in our

And I don’t know how to do that except to start at the very beginning,
as an attempt to provide a common base of understanding, or at least
some foundational context, so that we can have a meaningful

Because if I’m right, the types of changes we’ll have to make are
pretty big, and I, and my family, are living proof that these sorts of
changes don’t come easy, or fast, or cheap. They take time and often
involve a process of mental adjustment as much as anything.  And so I
feel a sense of urgency because I am not entirely sure how many years
we’ve got left before some pretty big shifts in public recognition of
our actual economic condition will be upon us. For example, I was
shocked at how quickly food inflation morphed into food shortages and
riots. And when that sort of shift happens in our country, your
opportunities to make course corrections in your life will shrink
rapidly and be far more expensive compared to today.

At any rate, to see the latest chapter CLICK ON THIS LINK.

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