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    Join Us in Our Support For The D.C. March Against The Mandates

    Our Work is Not Done
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, January 14, 2022, 5:54 PM

It’s time. Time for our voices to be heard, time for other people to see that they (and we) are not alone, and time to put a stop to the Mass Psychosis which we do, in part, by standing up and saying “No, I don’t agree.”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

~ Unknown, various attributions

On Sunday, January 23, Defeat the Mandates DC is organizing a historic march in Washington DC, joining dozens of other countries across the globe that same day in a global protest of the increasing human rights infringements occurring as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is all being put together by volunteers and it’s costing a lot more than they initially planned for.  Hey, it’s looking like a big success!  Any help you can offer, right down the price of a cup of coffee, will help  You can donate here: https://www.givesendgo.com/mandatemarch

(Thank you in advance for your help!).

Finally, concerned people in the USA are organizing and assembling to speak, listen, and be heard as our friends across the globe have been doing now for months.

And I will be there.

For our tribe, if you want to go, you can find all the information on this march here: Defeat the Mandates D.C.

Be sure to read over all the current information and, if you choose to, register your email with them so you can stay in touch as events unfold.

Officially speaking, we feel proud and morally obligated to support this peaceful effort. But I want you all to know this could be an emotionally and potentially physically charged event. But together, shoulder to shoulder, we can and must make real change.

The march itself kicks off at 11:30 a.m. at the Washington Monument and we will all walk together about 1 mile to the Lincoln Memorial.

As a rally spot, I would propose we meet up in the outer walkway ring to the south of the Monument, congregating near the restroom facility. If you choose to walk alone that is perfectly fine too. It’s all about what you are most comfortable doing that day.

Chris’ Protest Rules

Additionally, I thought it would be helpful to share my personal marching rules gathered from watching too many march- and protest-related shenanigans over the years:

  1. If anybody seems to be agitating for violence or is trying to encourage racist chants, or anything at all sounding off base, that person is almost certainly either deranged or (more likely) an agent provocateur. Don’t engage them, just break out the camera and start video recording them as you stare them down and back away.
  2. If a fight or counterprotest engages anyone near you, walk away. Do not gawk. Film whatever you can for your own protection.
  3. If there are barriers up, respect them and don’t cross them, even (especially!) if a helpful seeming ranger or policeman moves them aside. Stay on the appointed, permitted path.
  4. If a group seems to be heading off the direction of the march, don’t follow them. The march goes up the Mall from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.
  5. If there’s anything even slightly suspicious, record it widely and generously, especially in directions away from the fracas (which may be designed to draw attention from another direction). Livestream when/if you can.
  6. Do not walk or stand near any packages or backpacks that are unattended. Do not touch or move the item. Report them right away.
  7. Have an emergency rally point decided between you and your group in the event counter protests show up and/or violence does erupt.
    • This can be decided as the tribe shows up near the monument, or by your individual group prior to coming. Remember, safety is important here.
  8. Leave your agenda for the day with a friend and a secondary mode of communication established with that person in the event of a disruption in cellphone communications (ex: what time you plan to arrive and leave and when you will check in, how to connect if cell is not responding)

The lessons of history are clear – you defeat a Mass Psychosis event by being peaceful yet resolute. We have nothing to apologize for and we should not be ashamed. It’s time to be clear, concise, proud and be boldly counted.

Other Ways to Take a Stand

While I want to march shoulder-to-shoulder with you, I understand not everyone can make it. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still support the cause. There may be marches planned in your hometown or at your state capitol. You can also take action from home by making a stand on your social media channels. Tell the government, corporations, Big Tech, school systems and the main stream media we must be heard. Boost your voice and your reach by using the following hashtags:


This is history being made. The images will live on. I will be proud to stand with anybody who can make it. Take a bunch of selfies. Live stream it for those who can’t make it. If you can’t be there, let the social media and corporate media oligarchs know you support the people in this peaceful effort.  After it’s over, PP will share the images and messages as broadly as we can on our home website.

Your faithful information scout,
Chris Martenson

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