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    Introducing The New (Full-Length) Crash Course

    The public release of Chapters 1 & 2
    by Adam Taggart

    Friday, June 27, 2014, 5:36 PM

Last week we announced that we've spent the better part of the last year completely rebuilding the entire Crash Course video seminar.

Each chapter has been completely updated with recent data, better visualizations, and a more polished look and feel. We've also added several brand-new chapters on important new developments to the Three E story (i.e., quantitative easing, shale oil, environmental stressors) that weren't in the picture when the original series was created back in 2008.

And just as Chris did when launching the original version, we're going to publicly release the chapters of the new Crash Course in serial order.

The plan is to release, on average, 1 new chapter per week — on Fridays — through the rest of 2014. We want to give the world enough of a chance to watch, digest and circulate each chapter before the next comes out.

And so we begin that roll-out today, with the public release of the Introduction and the first 2 chapters of the new CC. We're releasing these first videos as a bundle, as they're quite brief and foundational in nature. They quickly get longer and more specific from here.




Coming next Friday: Chapter 3: Exponential Growth

For those who simply don't want to wait until the end of the year to view the entire new series, you can indulge your binge-watching craving by enrolling to PeakProsperity.com. The entire full new series, all 27 chapters of it, is available — now– to our enrolled users.

Enrolled users can access the new series at www.peakprosperity.com/crashcourse

And for those who have yet to view it, be sure to watch the 'Accelerated' Crash Course — the under-1-hour condensation of the new 4.5-hour series. It's a great vehicle for introducing new eyes to this material.


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  • Sat, Jun 28, 2014 - 12:30am



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    Friday used to be the most anticipated day of the week because of the weekend.  Now there is another reason to look forward to it.  Thanks for posting these, and thanks for all that you guys do.

    I watched the PP June 25th update that was also available.  I get the feeling that Chris is trying to stress there are storm clouds on the horizon.  I don't mean the general preps that we all engage in, either.  Maybe I am projecting, but his most recent warnings about "things speeding" up seem to have a bit more edge to them. 

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  • Sat, Jun 28, 2014 - 3:56pm



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    Exciting to see Chris' video update!

    I saw a little preview of the accelerated crash course from Mike Maloney (GoldMoney) and did a youtube search for it. Chris' efforts to condense the whole story into an hour is testament to his belief in the story and that it will somehow make a difference to tell it. I am spreading it as far and wide as I can, since I cannot tell the story without the doom and fear and overwhelm that comes along with it.

    We have 5 young adult children and only ONE sees the story reality. (Of course there are a lot more possible threats on the periphery of the basic 3E's). Like me, he grew up thinking we'd be gearing up for the Jetson lifestyle by now, and he feels a desperation and despondency, won't go to college (for a practical education like engineering) because of fear of debt & lack of belief in future jobs/pay, is unsure how & lacks confidence to throw himself into an entrepreneurial blue-collar trade (farming, plumbing or gunsmithing) and it wasn't his 'dream' anyway... and we've been in fear that out of desperation he'd join the military. (This has been his back-against-the-wall answer for 2 years now. Fortunately, I guess, referring to what it implies, all the people he knows in the military are now complaining of being 'short-shrifted' after joining. War talk and foreign land hardships wasn't enough to deter him -after all, what does he have to lose?)  

    The other 4 kids are in various steps of starting their families and they don't WANT to see reality under the surface. This same dynamic is in play along the entire length of our extended families. There is NO willingness to see reality. Only one other family 'gets it'. He's doing all he can to be ready for whatever hits first. (Has 3 kids just now hitting adulthood). 

    We've tried informing and showing by example for over 2 years now. Some think the adage "God will provide" means they are absolved of worry or effort, some think we wear tinfoil hats, and others refuse to talk about it because it means they will have to make changes to their suburban-Starbucks-santa-clause lifestyle. A few just say they will not fight for survival, whatever comes. 

    We lost our home in the first round (after 3.5 yrs. paying many thousands extra for legal help to fight the illegal foreclosure. We lost the house and were then paid $300 from that Federally mandated settlement. Do you think it's worth years and more thousands to fight a Wall Street bank when even Congress cannot access the fraudulent paperwork?) This is how our eyes were opened to how things really work/are working.

    After all this time, I am convinced that though everything Chris says is helpful knowledge- it will only help those who's eyes are already open; I'm convinced those eyes only open when they are pried open by shock or loss, frustration in life (whenever one begins to question "why"). For us, motivation was because we didn't want to have the rug pulled out from under us again. Then we discovered all the interconnections (thanks in great part to Chris' original Crash Course series). For most people struggling to hang on, I fear it will be too late -if the hourglass running out is what finally opens their eyes. 

    I appreciate Chris' valiant efforts and applaud the video(s) - job well done! Thank you so much for all of it. I think it's time to be the 100th monkey, to show by example (especially as the struggle gets harder, more will begin to look for alternatives as they try to mitigate their losses). What Chris is doing/has done, is an inspiration-  and we have followed the example (while renting in a rural location)... it's cost a lot more money and much time to get things going (the subsistence garden/greenhouse, chickens, bees...) but it's the only thing that gives us any hope. We currently repair computers for a living (home-based business) and are working toward learning skills and getting equipment for diverse alternative home-based incomes. A lot of people 'admire' this, think it's 'noble' or even smart, but very, very, few make any personal efforts to do the same, and fewer even try to emulate -except for a few scattered 'preppers'. I think the task at hand is simply overwhelming. When you think about supply chain failures, or even downed electrical grids (in future possible scenarios), then it's really, really, overwhelming. 

    Chris, just a thought, do you think you could expand on your youtube video, the story of your farm & current farm/home-based life, a discussion and illustration of HOW you began planning it, what the cost and time outlays -and rewards- were? Maybe how to determine what a family needs are and what is practical to even try to achieve? 

    People see your beautiful place and though it might be attractive enough to want to do it, it's already 'put together'- and few of us know how to begin, how to bring things together/what comes first, and how to go about it while renting?

    Perhaps discuss ways to be flexible with the mitigation efforts of this lifestyle too- for people who would be at risk of losing it all in future (should foreclosure activity resume), not to mention all the added challenges to those in suburbia.  The ideas sort of bloom out of a reasonable proportion to reality and one is so quickly overwhelmed and discouraged.

    This website is kind of fun, getting to chat and create regional groups, but the draw of a video is less effort than searching and reading for hours for nuggets that might apply to the circumstances and ability of those who are just coming around - and for those who see transition as 'hippy' or 'prepper' or some other label they don't want to associate with (they just want to be 'normal'). If we do insist on prying their eyes open, they could use a pathway that's lit up with illustrations that show how they can actually do it too. 

    Maybe it can't be done in a general way. Perhaps you could allow/open up Pinterest pages linked here that are galleries of user submission photos of what they are doing/have done. Pictures worth 1000 words -with available explanation on a click. 

    Thanks again Chris for your continued supports for us in all our endeavors to survive this thing. Thanks for putting a light to the dark days ahead, showing how it all is connected. Thanks for shedding a light onto the path leading out of the mire. I hope more join in, so that the end result is worthy of the effort. 

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  • Sun, Jun 29, 2014 - 11:28am



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    Debugging a Navigation Shortcoming

    I'm thrilled that you are creating version 2.0 of The Crash Course. But I just wanted to let you know that I could find no convenient way to jump to the next chapter. I don't know if this results from a limitation in Vimeo or whether you simply overlooked adding a link at the end of each segment to the next. Today, when I finished viewing the Introduction, the only way I could find to navigate to Chapter One was to escape from full screen, then select Chapter One.

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  • Mon, Jun 30, 2014 - 7:35am


    Beckett Bennett

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    Chris on USA Watchdog

    Chris's interview was amazing, hope an official link gets posted. Definitely a must watch!!

    AK Granny

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