Off the Cuff: Will We Learn from Japan's Missteps In Time?

Its fate could shock other countries into action
Thursday, November 22, 2012, 2:14 AM
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In this week's Off the Cuff with Mish & Chris podcast, Mish and Chris discuss:

  • Japan's Kamikaze Monetary Policy
    • The yen may be poised for destruction
  • Denial is a river in Germany, Greece, and Spain
    • Poor decisions being made in all three countries
  • Fiscal Cliff: Deal or No Deal?
    • What's most likely at this point

In this Thanksgiving edition of Off the Cuff, Chris and Mish are grateful for Japan. Why? Because Japan will likely collapse under its unsustainable monetary and fiscal policies before the U.S. does.

Much of the structural rot that ails the U.S. has been festering for much longer in Japan. With signs growing that the Japanese economy is nearing its predictable endgame, its implosion might be shocking enough to cause our leaders to think seriously that fate could be ours if we don't take radically different actions immediately.


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