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Thanks for wanting to help our cause. There are a number of different ways you can help, some financial, some not. Do what feels right to you. If you have watched the Crash Course, if you have gained from the content on this site, if you want to share this opportunity with others — please pay it forward!

1) Tell your Friends about the Crash Course

Do it in person, do it over the phone, or do it via e-mail. Let us make it easy for you to tell your friends. Click here to fill out their e-mail addresses, and we will send them an e-mail signed by you, with a link to the Crash Course and some basic information about the site. As with your registration, we will never spam anyone. We will never use your friends’ e-mails for any other purpose or at any other time. We hope you will help us by spreading the word.

2) Join the Peak Prosperity Brigade

The Peak Prosperity Brigade is a volunteer group of Crash Course supporters who are dedicated to finding new and unique ways to spread the message of the Crash Course to a larger audience and to build resiliency in their local communities. If you’d like to learn more about the Peak Prosperity Brigade and possibly join it, click here.

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There are a number of options for staying in touch with us as well as sharing our articles and reports with others via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you’re a member of any of these online communities and would like to support our efforts, please join the groups by visiting the links below:

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It’s free and it will help us a great deal to count you among our registered users. The more engaged members we have on the site, the more people want to be part of it. Plus, you also receive benefits such as being able to post comments to articles, participate in our Groups and Forums, and communicate with other site members. Registration requires an e-mail address, but we don’t send spam or sales solicitations, with the exception of a renewal reminder should you later choose to become a subscriber. So please register – it will only take a minute of your time, and it will help the cause a great deal if you do.

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If you feel you can afford to support Peak Prosperity at the enrolled member level on an ongoing basis or even just for one month, please consider enrolling. Enrolled members receive significant benefits & insights that are not available to registered members, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing a role in helping to keep the basic aspects of Chris’ important message available to all. Click here for more information about enrollment benefits.

6) Donate

We are grateful to the growing number of people who have offered donations of various sizes. Subscriptions help bring in some revenue, but much of what we do is bootstrap-funded by Chris and Adam. Your donation will help ensure that our message remains free and available to everyone. Even if you feel that a subscription is out of your budget, please consider a donation, no matter how small. The donations we receive are used to fund the translation of the Crash Course into more languages so that it can be shared with an increasing percentage of people around the world. Note: All credit card transactions are in US Dollars.

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