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    Harvey Organ (Part II): The Road Ahead for the Precious Metals

    All things silver, storage advice & price forecasts
    by Adam Taggart

    Saturday, April 21, 2012, 6:00 AM

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In Part II of Chris' fascinating interview with Harvey Organ on the precious metals (click here for Part I), the discussion deepens, exploring a number of popular topics including:

  • all things Silver
  • how much gold is there really backing the major ETFs?, and 
  • Harvey's 2012 forecast for bullion prices
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About the Guest
Harvey Organ

Harvey received his bachelor of Science degree in 1970 and an MBA in 1972 at McMaster University, majoring in finance. It was during this time period where Harvey got exposed to the derivative market that was just starting on Wall Street.  Harvey has been trying to expose the fraudulent manipulation of the gold market ever since  the "Long Term Capital" downfall in 1998.  It has been Harvey's duty to share what he knows and expose the fraud and educate the intricacies of of the gold and silver paper and physical markets, which he does through his website Harvey Organ's Daily Gold and Silver Report.

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