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Portland, Oregon 97221

Our mission is to create a local community in the Portland area where we can connect, discuss, and implement pathways to maximize our prosperity.  We aim to help each other navigate the issues in front of us as a community, country, and planet.  

Verifiable trust without a third party


Trust is the new commodity. The Blockchain invention makes it possible to monetize trust.

Trust is the crux of the value in silver and gold. We trust that it will maintain its value independent of governments and banks, although we are learning how they work to control its perceived value.  We expect gold and silver will remain valuable because history has proven it over millennia.

New York City, New York 10010

This group is being put together to see if there are any other members of this site living in one of the five boroughs. As one might expect living in such a political and economic powerhouse as NYC, much of the population is quite unaware or in denail of what is happening around them (or simply feel they know better).

As such, the purpose of this group is to give us city folk a place to connect and serve as confirmation that you aren't the only one in a city of 8 million thinking about the big picture. 

This group will share ideas, experiences, and the adventures of learning with our children at home and in our communities. 

All this talk about economic travails, self-sufficiency, and preparedness can weigh heavily on us.  Let's share some lighter, more humorous perspectives.  Poke fun at ourselves.  Remember not to take ourselves too seriously.  Share lighthearted encouragement and inspiration.  This is the place to post anything that would bring a smile and lighten the thoughts of those in the group.  Let's help each other keep things in perspective!

To help you identify & transition to a career aligned with your aptitudes, goals and passions.

Rowe, Massachusetts 01367

The all-purpose resource for helping the wonderful folks who attended the Rowe 2016 seminar stay in touch, support each other & collaborate

Facing the unique cultural and weather climates of the Deep South to build for a sustainable future.

Larkspur, California 94939

To help people in San Francisco and the North SF Bay Area connect, exchange ideas, build community, and, to the greatest extent possible in a wobbly world, enjoy preparing for an uncertain future.  If you're interested in connecting, sign up as a member and let's find a convenient time and place to get together.   

rowe, Massachusetts 01367

The all-purpose resource for helping the wonderful folks who attended the Rowe 2015 seminar stay in touch, support each other & collaborate

The goal of the group is to explore and share knowlege and experiences with cooking and food preparation.  The primary focus will be on how we all can work towards eating healthier and building resiliency through our diets and lifestyle choices. 

So how do you become more resilient with food? What skills in the kitchen are helping you prepare for a changing world?

Grow, Cook, Eat!

Planning the Great Escape?  Curious to see other lands, cultures, people?  Willing to share your experiences of living, working and resettling abroad?

This group gives space to ask questions, get advice and practical can do to create international connectivity!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Our mission is to build community resilience and relationships for all Peak Prosperity members who identify the Philadelphia region as home. Whether you're hailing from the west in PA, the east in NJ, or the City of Brotherly Love itself, let's get together and work through the challenges of the future!

Grass Valley, California 95949

Work towards building more resilient communities in the Sierra Foothills region of California.  We shall share knowledge, skills, and resources to better prepare for the future ahead. 

Let's collect it here!  What useful things have you learned from your elders, your childhood, and the stories of others? 

In another group, user ptwisewoman wrote:

[My elderly mother] grew up on a subsistence farm in this area and has a ton of information in her head that she can share.  Sometimes we have to work at getting it out but it sure makes the problem solving easier sometimes.

Rowe, Massachusetts 01367

The all-purpose resource for helping the wonderful folks who attended the Rowe 2013 seminar stay in touch, support each other & collaborate

Rowe, Massachusetts 01367

The all-purpose resource for helping the wonderful folks who attended the Rowe 2016 seminar stay in touch, support each other & collaborate

Palo Alto, California 94301

Finding it hard to be the only one out here in Fantasyland warning about economic crisis? Here you'll find like-minded folks to collaborate with in building resiliency at home and in your local community.

James Howard Kunstler says that the suburbs will become the "slums of the future."  This group is for those of us who don't want to see that happen.  We live in an environment that is restricted by HOA regulations, oversized homes, and small lots.  Many of us are not in a position to move.  Hopefully we will find solutions to increase resiliency in our homes and encourage sustainability in our communities.

Charlottesville, Virginia 22932

We wish to gather and share ideas, inspiration and work as we build a world that we want to live in and one full of kindness and abundance to leave to our children.

I am new to this website and found there weren't many groups available for peole in my area.  I live in La Crosse, Wisconsin and am reaching out to those living in surrounding areas.  As more people become interested we can shape this group into a useful networking tool.

St. Paul, Minnesota

The Twin Cities Minnesota Peak Oil Community (TCMNPOC) is a community within the Twin Cites and surrounding metro area who wish to discuss, plan, and prepare for the exciting future ahead.

Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Calling all Southern Vermonters!  It's time to get a show of hands and see who from our local network is present here at Peak Prosperity.

Our Mission: To support and forward the developent of Commercial Aquaponics as a viable way to earn a good living, in the face of "Big Ag" and to level the playing field for small commercial farmers without resorting to mechanization or the extreme use of fossil fuels.

How do we live with less of everything? Less power, resources, fuel, knowledge of how to do things.

How do we live now and 100 years into the future without the just in time delivery of goods and services? How do you ensure we can live healthy, happy lives (and the lives of our children and future generations ) when power and TPTB have failed us.  What steps can we take be more resilient and rely on ourselves more. 

These are the questions this group will answer and hopefully we will create a world worth inheriting - one made by our own hand. 

London, W1B 3AG United Kingdom
Rowe, Massachusetts

The all-purpose resource for helping the wonderful folks who attended the Rowe 2014 seminar stay in touch, support each other & collaborate

Chicago, Illinois 60611

Not all of us want to be farmers.  This group is for people in the Midwest that are still tied to the global economy and are looking to navigate this great transition in a way that maintains or improves their finances, community involvement, and quality of life.

Help promote the 3Es message locally and around the world in a coordinated fashion.

Walla Walla, Washington 99362

Our mission is to build a community of concerned citizens to share their knowledge and experiance toward building a sustainable economy in Eastern Washington and adjoining areas of Oregon and Idaho. 

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