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February 11, 2013

An opportunity to give and receive within the Peak Prosperity community

At last -- Peak Prosperity's own virtual "swap shop."  Let's increase our group resilience by making connections and generously offering what we can.  Need something?  Have something to offer that others might find useful?  Post here; cross your fingers; wait and see who responds!

This is a closed group, but all are welcome with moderator approval, with the following expectation:  For this group to be a successful community resource, it needs to be comprised of community members who already understand our philosophies here at Peak Prosperity, who embrace the idea that community resilience enhances personal resilience, and who are already invested in being a part of this community.  If you are brand-new at this site, spend some time reading, learning, and participating at Peak Prosperity first. 

How It Works:

1) Generously offer anything you have but don't need that you'd like to see go to an appreciative, resilience-minded home.  Think about what you need or want, and don't be afraid to ask for it.  What better place to practice that skill than in our supportive community?  If nobody responds to your request or offer, don't take it personally; your courage in asking or your generosity in offering will inspire others regardless of the outcome.

2) This group is only for FREE items.  The giver and receiver should mutually agree on who pays shipping or how the item will otherwise be exchanged.  Local exchanges are great when they can happen! 

3) Offers must be between individuals -- no commercial or third-party offers are allowed.

4) Identify the item you're seeking or offering in the subject of your post.  Post a brief description of what you're looking for in the body of the post.  Include an honest description of an offered item's condition, and post a photo if you like.  It is also acceptable to post a Wish List of items you are looking for.  Please do not post any personal contact information (see #7 below). 

5) When an item has been given or received, it is your responsibility to UPDATE the group by posting under your original message.  This is very important.  It is frustrating and time-wasting to see a listing for an item you need or can help with, and to go to the trouble to contact the original poster, only to find that there is no longer a need, so please be communicative and responsible.  Be sure to post your successes so we can all celebrate and appreciate the value of our group!

6) Identify your general location (state, geographic area, and/or country) in your post so readers can assess the distance (for postage or transportation).  Do not reveal specifics of your location.  (For example, "New England" or "Maritime Canada" or "Texas" or "India.")

7) Use ONLY the private message (PM) system on our site for privately sharing your postal address or other contact information.  DO NOT post your address or phone number publicly, and to avoid potential spam, we also recommend that you do not post your e-mail address directly.  If you need help using the PM system, please contact me and I will help.

8) All transactions are at your own risk.  Peak Prosperity has no obligation or legal responsibility for any exchanges arranged privately or publicly between its members.  Trust yourself and use your own best judgment in all cases.

If you have suggestions on how to make this sharing circle even more successful, please let me know.  Together we can help this effort blossom and contribute to the collective resilience of our community. 

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Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Sat, Feb 23, 2013 - 10:25am

WANTED: two glass one-gallon pickle jars

If you have one or two to spare, I'd be glad to pay shipping.  Thanks so much.

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