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July 2, 2012

Exercise is vital even more for seniors, people over 65, martial arts included

I, Karl Loren, am 81 years old, earned my Kung Fu Black Belt at 74, now do all my exercises with the Polar Heart Rate Monitoring System and do it all in my pool.  Currently I do about 2500 repetitions of resistance band Kung Fu stretches and kicks.  My resting heart rate is below 50 beats per minute.  My cool-down rate is often a reduction from a high above 110 BPM to a low of 70 BPM in 5 minutes or less.  Oh, yes, I had a stroke years ago and still walk "with care" but keep fit.

There are many forms of senior's exercise, this group is for people of any sex or age who want to comment on "Senior's Exercise," but particularly for those who seek to exceed the status quo of complacency.


This is not limited to PEAK performance, but it is aimed at "FITNESS" and how to maintain or improve it as a senior.  It is my personal goal to stay fit until I DECIDE it is time to leave this life and to leave without trauma or distress for others.  My wife is comfortable with my view of death as I, years ago, agreed with her decision to enter a hospice because of esophagus cancer.  She changed her mind about living and now cancer-free at 75 does NOT do much exercise but she shares my goal of fitness in her own way.

This is a group for those who seek fitness in their own way.

Full disclosure:  My wife and I founded  and are now retired from a vitamin company.  I do You Tube videos which include many "pure truth" themes and some "video endorsements" of my own product creations in the hands of a new owner.  I judge all my videos to be my sincere view of truth.


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