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June 24, 2012

To help people in SF and North Bay Area connect, exchange ideas, build community, and, as possible, enjoy preparing for an uncertain future.

To help people in San Francisco and the North SF Bay Area connect, exchange ideas, build community, and, to the greatest extent possible in a wobbly world, enjoy preparing for an uncertain future.  If you're interested in connecting, sign up as a member and let's find a convenient time and place to get together.   

People in our area interested in resilience are living in a lot of different situations  - in the city, in the suburbs or the country, are in different life phases, and may have somewhat different takes on what's going on in the world and what makes the most sense to do to prepare.  Should we stay where we are now, or move to another house nearby, or a more distant community that might be a better place to make resilient?  Does being prepared only mean "digging in" and getting ready to be more self-sufficient for the duration, or can it mean becoming more collaborative, mobile and adaptable, too?  It's interesting to share our experiences, knowledge and thoughts.  Some may find it worthwhile and/or fun to collaborate on projects like food storage, aquaponics design, research on alternative energy systems, locating and connecting with other like-minded communities.  Some may just want to talk or swap ideas.  Let's get together.  Virtual-only neighbors are welcome, too, of course...

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By kelvinator on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 - 7:19pm

San Francisco - North Bay Resilience May Meeting

Some members have expressed interest in getting together again soon, and we want to see if we have enough people who'd like to meet up at a coffee house or pub either this Sunday afternoon, May 5th, or the following weekend, either Saturday, May 11th, or Sunday the 12th.

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