Prosperity Through Freedom Montrealbeta

September 2, 2012

The purpose of this group is to unite like-minded people who believe in building a more sustainable lifestyle

This lifestyle will be built on three pillars (“The Three Pillars of Continuing Prosperity”):

• Economic:
-The belief in a sound honest currency system which cannot be manipulated (inflation) and on which enduring wealth can be built;
-The acceptance of economic system based on the encouragement of savings and investment, and not debt and consumption.

• Social:
-The use of facts in our favor to create a non-violent, non compliant sustainable community.
-The promotion of hard work and enterprise by allowing individuals to pursue their goals and lifestyles with limited government intervention.

• Health:
- The belief in a balanced lifestyle that involves eating healthy natural local foods, maintaining and exercising the body, feeding the mind by continuously learning, and feeding the soul by allowing ourselves a sufficient amount of rest.

Montreal, QC

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