Preppers Without Partnersbeta

August 29, 2012

A group for those who are going it alone, with or without the responsibility of children or elder family members

Leading a well-prepared and resilient lifestyle as a single adult is a different experience than prepping or homesteading as part of a marital team or domestic partnership.  Here we will explore challenges and solutions, advantages and disadvantages to either "going it alone" or facing the future as a single adult responsible for the care of children or elder family members.

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By SocratesR on Sun, Apr 19, 2015 - 4:41am

a call to relocate to Europe

my argument is simple: mankind did not pop into existence a few thousand years ago. So what are you prepping for? A limited cataclysm did not wipe the Earth clean of people 13,000 years ago. It was much more serious than that. Our ancestors were neither suicidal, retarded, nor ignorant. And yet they were thrown into a new stone age (after building things like Puma Punku which we couldn't build today if we chose to).