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May 31, 2013

A group for sharing the concerns and strategies of "senior" or near senior and/or retired members of the Peak Prosperity community.

Some members of the Peak Prosperity community, in or near their “senior” years, may share a slightly different outlook, as well as alternative plans and goals relative to preparing for the future from other members of the community. Future planning may have a shorter time range, and goals may address having resources to access services like medical and long term care as increasing age takes its toll on health and independence. Some of the resilience-building activities of the younger community members may seem beyond the physical and energy capacities of more senior members. Furthermore, wealth preservation concerns become more focused on simply not outliving one's wealth rather than readiness to invest post crisis.

The goals of this group are to discover and share the preparedness activities that “make sense” to elder members, and to explore the roles elders may take in weathering the uncertain future.

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By pyranablade on Tue, Dec 9, 2014 - 8:31pm

Health, Illness, Pharmaceuticals and Peak Oil

I posted this in another group. I'm 47 years old, but my discussion topic is more relevant to older audiences:


I've seen Peak Oil videos that state that modern medications are made with petrochemicals.

The implication seems to be that once the SHTF there will be no more medications - except maybe for what you grow yourself.

That didn't bother me until the last few days when I learned that I'll be taking one medication on a long-term basis. The alternative is horrible pain at the very least.

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