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March 14, 2013

Pagosa hot springs brought people to this oasis. PPP will help build a self reliant community to keep us here.

Early Stages but here goes.

Just moved here prior to reading "The Crash Course" so Ive prepared for nothing which the future might hold.

Pagosa Spring has amazing beauty and great community, all supported by many gas stations and one supermarket. Without these I'm not sure I, like many would have got here. So to imaging this town without the trucks bringing in the resources to live, suddenly this place wouldn't be so easy to survive.

I know little of the knowledge to change that, but I'm practically minded with a keen eye for design and willing community spirit to work hard to make a difference.

Being British I recognise an old American culture of a community coming together to build a barn which will hold the harvest during the colder months. This is my introduction to tap into that culture and build a barn of knowledge which will bring people of Pagosa Springs together for our mutual long term benefit.

Initial areas of interest.

Increase solar potential with hybrid water/pv panels.

Permaculture, "What can we Grow?"

Growing domes. Home grown solution.

"Is there anybody out there" build a active community group.

Lastly this is my quick intro to issues which are on my mind, please feel free join and change anything above to help build a resilient  community.

Thank you for reading this.

Gary Hedgecock

I have a warm Christian belief which guides me to work with all faiths for a better future.




Pagosa Spring, CO
United States

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By themccarthyfarm on Wed, Dec 17, 2014 - 12:36am


Hi Gary,

I see you haven't had much luck with this group.  I have thought I should try to get some kind of group going in my area, Utah, and thought I would see if you have some insights.  I am quite far along the preparation line; energy efficient home, growing food, no debt etc,  What I don't have is a support group.  There are very few people I know that have any interest in making changes.

If you are still there let me know what you are up to.


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