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March 4, 2013

Self Sufficiency, Self Reliance, Permaculture, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Gardening, Small animal husbandry, etc.

Welcome.  This forum is to provide an anonomous place to meet like minded people.  Then take it offline if applicable.  An objective is to prepare yourself and your family in case of a currency collapse.  If you are into mathematics or statistics, then you know what we are up against.  The "Amero" (or a new currency) will be implemented after our own currency collapses (likely scenario).  However, "when" it is implemented will be very carefully orchestrated to be when we are all out of resources.  Our objective is to not panic, to work together to keep our communities economies going, although slower, using a variety of local grown currencies, trading, swapping, and IOUs.  What is your emergency plan?  Do you have one?  What if your bank said that there was no money in the bank?  What would you do?  If you grow food, will you share?  Do you have connections with those who have other resources so you can share between you?  If you grow animals, do you have a plan to breed those animals so you can trade the animals so other people can grow them for food?  Did you know that one buck and 3 does (rabbits) will feed a family of four with 2 rabbits per week?  How many chickens does it take to feed a family of four with 2 chickens per week?  This forum is to help develop and implement a plan for the Kingman AZ area and to bring it to attention to the City of Kingman if a currency collapse becomes imminent. 

Kingman, AZ
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