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February 21, 2013

Building our own trove of collected knowledge, stories, inspiration, and lore

Let's collect it here!  What useful things have you learned from your elders, your childhood, and the stories of others? 

In another group, user ptwisewoman wrote:

[My elderly mother] grew up on a subsistence farm in this area and has a ton of information in her head that she can share.  Sometimes we have to work at getting it out but it sure makes the problem solving easier sometimes.

I have probably been focused on being self-sufficient most of my adult life.  It seemed important to me to be prepared and my grandparents lifestyle encouraged that or they were an excellent role model.  I learned to can, freeze, harvest, shell, shuck, sew and live within my means from a young age.  My grandparents had small packets of gold coins stashed around their house in the 60s and 70s.  Now that I'm "retired" I am trying hard to create a productive 5 acres and encourage and help friends and neighbors.

Although much of the wisdom of resilient living has been "forgotten" over the past couple of generations and is now being resurrected by those who are committed to it, some of us are lucky enough to have family in which such wisdom was never lost in the first place.  Perhaps you have a family story that harkens to a time when resilience was a necessary ingredient in life.  Or perhaps you have observed the "Depression-era mentality" of older family members, felt to be out of place by "modern" standards.

Tell us your stories, your family's stories, the stories of your elders and neighbors and friends and mentors.  Tell us what you've learned from folks who lived in a less abundant era that is applicable to our current journey toward resilience.  This wisdom is not lost; it's just dormant.  Let's help re-awaken it by sharing it with each other.

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By sdmptww on Mon, Mar 25, 2013 - 5:53am

What have you learned from an elder lately?

I would like to hear more about what others have learned from one or more elders in their lives.  We can get to specifics but I'll start with an outline of life lessons I learned from my grandparents and mother.  I think most are pretty self explanatory but I'll be glad to explain any if needed.  My grandmother especially had a one-liner for just about any circumstance that when pondered upon had a lesson in it.  Some of these have developed a bit of me in them over the years but all of them go back to my grandparents.

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