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February 17, 2013

The erosion of civil liberties in the United States is an ominous trend. This is the place to post information and discuss this issue.

The erosion of civil liberties in the United States has become increasingly clear since 2001.  This is evident over a broad spectrum of daily life, and is demonstrated by many examples that have been documented throughout this site.

This is an ominous trend.  Many current practices have the effect of intimidating people into silence.  Routine surveillance and data gathering techniques leave surprisingly little personal privacy.  With further erosion of the economy, and standards of living, all levels of government may react by “clamping down” on citizens by more direct means.  The tools and data to do this are already in place, and growing.

Discussing civil liberties will help us understand what is happening, and how we want to deal with that.  Protecting our civil liberties is critical.  The impact of  the Economy, Energy, and the Environment may bring this to a head.

This group was created as a central place for information and discussion that is currently scattered throughout this site.  In addition to new material, re-posts or links from within the site will be helpful.

Information will carry more weight if it is from your personal experience, or a story documented by a news source.  Avoid posting rambling “rants” by people who do that for a living.  However, their web sites may have links to documented sources with solid information.  The more specific the information the more persuasive it will be.  Try to minimize hype and maximize facts.  Many of these issues are cloaked in secrecy and deliberate distortion by those responsible.  Don’t expect clarity.  However, the pattern of events and the statements by authorities are telling.

While gun ownership is a civil liberty issue, it should be addressed in the Firearms Group.  Demonizing politicians you dislike is not helpful, as they are all complicit.  However, when specific politicians, or those who work for them, are linked to definable acts, they need to be exposed. 

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