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March 4, 2016

Gold, Silver, Oil, Blockchain Tokens. - Yes, they are all commodities, regulated by CFTC

Verifiable trust without a third party


Trust is the new commodity. The Blockchain invention makes it possible to monetize trust.

Trust is the crux of the value in silver and gold. We trust that it will maintain its value independent of governments and banks, although we are learning how they work to control its perceived value.  We expect gold and silver will remain valuable because history has proven it over millennia.

However can you trust the people you are doing business with? With physical gold and silver,  you're limited to economic activity no different than 2,000 years ago. It's trustless value ends at the length of your arm. At that point you will be trusting a third party to record ownership, insurance - protection through a transaction. Because people have to get involved - this has turned out very badly in history.

Blockchain digital tokens are commonly referred to as 'gold 2.0'. It has the advantages of being rare and limited - and they also have useful properties with intrinsic value that allow them to be used in other ways than just currency. In a huge advantage they can pass anywhere in the world instantaneously without needing to trust a third party to keep everybody honest. In this way - the new commodity of trust is far superior.

This new technology allows for personal ownership of the digital encrypted tokens that can pass from one owner to the next and carry its own value and unique properties. The "Subjective Value Theory" states that prices are worth what others are willing to pay for it based on their own subjective opinions for the value. For various reasons that you will discover as we go, different groups of people will place heavy value on some of these tokens for their own reasons. The unique properties for these tokens and blockchains  will be utilized in different ways by different groups, governments, corporations, etc. Because they are also rare, the price will rise to the point that one particular group will find it more useful than the national currencies they are holding and will trade one for the other.

However not all blockchains are created equal. This new science and invention will requires acceptance and understanding from the general population. There are many competing tokens and blockchains but there will only likely be few that succeed.   You will soon learn why the potential profits in this field have the potential to overtake all other investments combined. Just about everything is about to become disrupted on par with changes the internet brought.

As the world of banking continues to collapse and central banks fail, blockchains offer a new hope. Gold\Silver\and blockchain currencies can be held together to compliment each other. Precious metals represents the historical trust of money in the past. Blockchain "Trust Commodities" represent immutable principled trust tokens available and viewable by everybody in the world at once. They require no third-party to track, verify, and send or receive. This is the first time in history this has been possible. 

This promises to be an adventure in science with possibilities you can't probably imagine yet.  This group is your ticket to the 'inside' and understand and find opportunities to be first in line where 99.999% of the world is still sleeping through this revolution that is happening right now.




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