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November 12, 2013

For people in and around Austin, TX who are interested in working together to increase resiliency for ourselves and our communities

Some things I thought we could help each other out with:

- Alert each other when there are opportunities (elections, community forums, council meetings, volunteer opportunities etc.) to make positive structural changes in Austin

- Help each other navigate rules and regulations that may help/hinder prepping and resiliency (zoning laws, home owners' association regulations, etc.)

- Exchange creative ideas about storing food/water/supplies, growing food, energy generation, transportation, etc. in an urban environment, especially for people who may have limited space, live in apartments/condos, etc.

- Get together and teach each other useful skills, share tools and labor, etc. for those who are interested.

- Provide social support and help each other assess our preparedness & plan and prepare for the future, maybe do a study circle or book club of sorts if people are interested.

- Brainstorm about increasing the resiliency of our neighborhoods and of Austin and surrounding areas as a whole (after all, the more prepared and less desperate our neighbors are, the more secure we are in turn).

- Share information and maybe work with local organizations who are doing things which support community preparedness (TreeFolks' Urban Orchard Project, for instance).

- Find people nearby who may be allies if a disruption or collapse does occur.


I'm imagining this as a group for anyone and everyone who's interested in any activity ranging from hedging against inflation to building their very own secret bunker, so please feel free to join and post and take an active role in shaping the group!




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