Arthur Robeybeta

May 9, 2014

Obesity and Diet.

It all became clear to me why the Western world is malnourished.

We are using the wrong metaphore for the human body. The correct metaphore is a rain forest, an ocean reef or the magnificent biological complexity of the planet itself.

We are not pristine time pieces (The fading metaphore of the machine), we are walking swamps.

When you drop food down into the rain forest that is your gut, you are feeding far more than yourself. You are feeding your rainforest. Some of this chaos helps you digest food (symbiots), others are just there for themselves (parasites). Do not try to picture your rainforest in simple terms, it is incomprehensibly complex.

So guess what happens when you carpet bomb the rainforest with antibiotics? What happens if you hit a rainforest with Agent Orange?

Now you are arriving at the correct picture, the correct metaphore. Would you be astonished to discover that you have killed off all the organisms that used to consume the fats that you dropped down the little red hatch?

So what is the cure? The less resolute must avert their eyes now.

The answer is to re establish a healthy rain forest. Ask one of your skinny friends to prepare yellow soup for you.

That should make you avoid antibiotics like the plague, to invent a phrase.

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By Uncletommy on Tue, Aug 26, 2014 - 2:20pm

Sifting out the good stuff

This is just one of many offerings that might be the way to go in the immediate situation. I've been cutting green stuff for mulching my food plants with relative success and saving energy costs. I'm expending a lot of my energy doing it, but I don't worry about obesity. This certainly isn't the Big solution, but is a step in the right direction.


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