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    by Jason Wiskerchen

    Thursday, August 30, 2012, 12:49 PM

We are pleased to announce the return of the Global Sun Oven Special Discount.  PrepareDirect is offering a 5% discount on all Global Sun Ovens and Accessories they carry.

Solar ovens are an excellent backup cooking system in grid-down situations. They have plenty of non-emergency value, too. From cooking full meals to being used as a solar dehydrator, they can be an incredible asset to have in your overall preps. But in times of need, having a simple, portable solution for safely cooking food and pasteurizing water that only requires the sun to be shining makes it nearly invaluable.

Specifically, PrepareDirect is offering us:

  • A 5% discount on all Global Sun Ovens, Kits, and Accessories
  • Free shipping on orders over $99.00

Click here to take advantage of this offer; use Coupon Code: PEAKSUN5, exclusive to PeakProsperity.com readers. This offer is valid through September 20, 2012.

If you are looking for some cooking inspiration with a sun oven, take a look at the WSID article: Cooking with the Sun by reader Hilary Hodge. You will be amazed at the tasty food one can prepare in a Sun Oven.

Special Note: We have put in a good amount of time to review this product and are aware of comments/reviews about initial product off-gassing and food taste.  We highly recommend that you pre-use and wash the oven as directed by the manufacturer's instructions before using it to cook your first meals.  As with any new resiliency product, making sure you know how to use it before an emergency happens and that the product is in good working order is key to effective and safe outcomes. This includes pre-using this oven.

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    Consider a Rocket Stove

    I think solar ovens are really great in very sunny and warm areas. I live in a desert grassland area in southern Canada and I don't think solar ovens would work very well in my situation and for my normal cooking needs. (I tend to slow cook in bone broth during the winter not during the warm summer months. I actually want the "waste" heat from my oven in my kitchen to help warm the house.)

    For my emergency cooking gear, I use a rocket stove. Rocket stoves burn anything: wood, twigs, bark, garden waste, office paper, junk mail, etc. The thing that shocked me about a rocket stove is how little fuel you need to cook your meal. The ash can be used in your garden as a soil amendment. I'm using the rocket stove now for camping, road trips, and cooking meals outside during the summer.

    You can buy a rocket stove or they can be made with 16 fire brinks. On a camping trip when our MSR gas stove packed it in we made a rocket stove out of granite rocks and a old grill we found on the beach. See this post for more information:

    Sustainable System: Rocket Stoves

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