Weekend Seminar at Rowe MA Conference Center, Feb 6-8, 2009

By cmartenson on Fri, Sep 5, 2008 - 7:22am

This seminar at the Rowe Conference Center (in Rowe, MA) is the most comprehensive seminar I offer, in partnership with two other incredible people.  It lasts a full weekend, beginning Friday evening at 6:00 (Feb. 6, 2009), and running until Sunday early afternoon ~1:00 (Feb. 8, 2009).  This is 'the big one.'

If you've seen the Crash Course, you've seen slightly less than one-half of the material that will be covered.  The weekend is geared towards moving to taking specific actions.  For me, I delight in the opportunity to interact with people and observe their interactions with each other.  The opportunity to spend a weekend with like-minded folks is uniquely restorative and is not to be missed.

All registration is handled by Rowe, as are any questions you may have about logistics or other details.  Total attendance is limited to 45.

Link to Rowe website description of the Crash Course

Link to Rowe website

I hope to see you there.

Best regards,
Chris Martenson

Here's how this seminar is billed on the Rowe website:

Consider two possible futures: (1) massive and abrupt change will occur within the economy, the environment, and our energy supply at a pace that will overwhelm the adaptive ability of our key social institutions and support networks, or, (2) we can chart a new course towards a vibrant and healthy future.

The Crash Course examines our current reality in a way that is both unflinching and accessible to everyone. We will discuss our money system, national levels of indebtedness, woefully underfunded pension and retirement programs, the shifting climate, peak oil, and key concepts necessary to understand each problem and how they interrelate.

In parallel, we will examine the closely held, and often unexamined, beliefs that prevent us from believing our own eyes and taking necessary actions.

Using interactive exercises, you will have the opportunity to integrate the information from the lectures: the goal is to develop a short list of prioritized actions for you to take home with you. This assessment will focus on finances but also include the other physical and emotional aspects of your life and how they play out in our evolving world.

A three month subscription to Chris Martenson’s website (an $80 value) comes with the course.


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Re: Full Weekend Seminar at Rowe MA
Chris- If we can not attend - will this be made available in DVD video or other formats? I'm in the mid-west.
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Re: Weekend Seminar at Rowe MA Conference Center, Feb 6-8, 2009

Wish I could make it.

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Re: Weekend Seminar at Rowe MA Conference Center, Feb 6-8, ...

Are there ways for people, who are unable to attend on those dates, to get access to the seminar materials or DVD?


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