Younger people's reactions to the crash course message

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Younger people's reactions to the crash course message

Hi there everyone. This is bearmarketrader, now known as Subprime JD. For those that are familiar with my prior posts I changed the name to conform to my blog name, While still following CM on every article I havent been as active by posting comments as work and blog management have taken up my time. Regardless, I'm still a CM'er 100%.

To date, the message of the E's has not been well received by my audience. The vast majority of my readers are stuck in MSM land and basically regurgitate the message that is spouted on WSJ, CNBC, gov stooges and the rest of the disinfo soldiers. However, more and more readers are coming forward with decent questions and are beginning to question the "framework" as set by the PTB.

So here is my request: Chris, or any other dedicated CM members, if you have a chance and the time, a guest post on my blog would be greatly appreciated as it would divert more members to the CM community. I have posted youtube clips of the crash course on numerous occasions and have grabbed some peoples attention. However, I believe a short but concise message from the chief himself would be a good move.

My reader demographic is typically younger college educated grads. Student loans are a problem for a good portion of my readers. While initially a blog to protest against law school "fuzzy" employment data, subprimeJD has morphed into a ZH/CM type forum. Exposing these people to the crash course would be a huge benefit, a message from the chief would be even better.

I have gained my readers confidence with numerous forecasts coming to pass. I was screaming silver in the teens and my readers have watched in awe as the price nearly tripled. SubprimeJD is a stepping stone to get readers from MSM brainwash land to "red pill" land such as ZH and CM. I have both of these sites on my blog list. It is also a place for a younger crowd. Slowly but surely they are waking up to the reality that something is wrong with our current system.

Chris and others, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey subprime, I just started

Hey subprime,

I just started a new thread in which I posted the following comment: "I'm 18 years old and soon I'll be going to university. As of now I plan on double majoring in Philosophy and Economics, with the intent of going on to Law school. My dad, luckily, has saved up enough for my undergrad education and told me he won't need to take out any loans. That said, is it a good idea for me to go to university and then later to Law school in the current and impending economic climate?"

I then got referenced to you and your blog, and after reading posts on it and further researching the state of JD's, I am a bit lost. I was pretty set on taking philosophy classes as I have a deep passion for the subject, as well as the logic and analysis it entails, and as such I figured that law school would be a good fit for me. I also have an interest in political philosophy and the economy, hence my choice to take economic classes. However, I've only recently stumbled upon the Crash Course and learned about the impending global predicaments and have started seriously reconsidering the choices I should be making. Would you be able to offer any advice on what route I should take at university such as majors/courses/internships/jobs, or if university is a good idea in the first place? Some additional info: I've been admitted into the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) and my dad has savings to pay for my undergrad without needing to resort to a loan (I've researched the whole student loan scam).

I know this is a pretty broad and vague question, but what steps should a high schooler take to secure his future well-being in the face of the impending global issues the world faces?

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