You Have To Watch This

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You Have To Watch This

This is from a movie called Rollover made in 1981.  This is scary the end of it is just crazy! 

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Re: You Have To Watch This

great post

how did they know?

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Re: You Have To Watch This

The movie is Rollover (1981) and looks on the mark re: current events. 

The last scene with Morgan Freeman was taken from the movie Deep Impact but the YouTube video is suggesting that he was playing the role of President in the 1981 movie and that this was foreshadowing Obama. 

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Re: You Have To Watch This

I'm seeking this one out. Can't wait to watch it. I'll pass it along to those friends that couldn't be bothered to watch the Crash Course. Great post!

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Re: You Have To Watch This
[email protected]! Hollywood predicts that America will get hit by a comet!?! Only 1 million people will survive for 2 years in a series of underground tunnels?!


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Re: You Have To Watch This

It's important to point out that the black president scene is from a different movie. Some editing has resulted in you seeing and believing something that isnt true.

Not to say that doesnt happen in our society all the time but this kind of editing doesnt help anyone.

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Re: You Have To Watch This

Not sure what the point was of that movie!  Was it to compare the current financial crisis to that movie and point out the uncanny similarities, and possible dire outcome of this crisis?    There was alot of splicing done to try to mirror today's situation, however.  Morgan Freeman portrayed the President of the United States in the movie "Deep Impact", which I saw back in 1997 in South Africa.  

Good cut and paste job!


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Re: You Have To Watch This

That video gave me the chills actually, but I can't figure out if that ending is a subtle dig on "Obama the Antichrist" or just showing the fact that he's the one who has to possibly deal with a situation like this.

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