Wiped Quake?

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Wiped Quake?

 Anybody aware of a quake in the southeast on Thursday 23rd? I live in Virginia and felt nothing. I saw the below youtube of data being wiped. The strongest portion was in the Florida, North & South Carolina.  If so, what's the purpose if people know it happens?

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Nothing here in SE VA on Thursday

But we had a 1.7 near Louisa yesterday morning at 6:37.  1.3 km deep and poorly constrained.

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SE small quake

I follow Dutchsince's blog and applaud his investigative reporting; I saw that video and still am annoyed that the USGS tried to pretend the small quake never happened. But we felt nothing here in the South Carolina midlands. We barely heard a rumble for the much larger VA quake last year. 

We have a very, very old fault line not too far from where we live: not part of the North American Craton, but secondary to it and much older. Up until all the recent seismic unrest I would have ignored the fault, now I am keeping an eye on earthquake activity.

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