Will those responsible for the financial fraud be held to account? - Not according to Obama.

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Will those responsible for the financial fraud be held to account? - Not according to Obama.


In Bill Moyers PBS interview with William K. Black, Black clearly describes the extent of the fraudulent activity that directly caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis and ultimate global financial meltdown.


In a society where the rule of law is supposed to uphold the right and penalize those who deceive and cheat to enrich themselves at the expense of others, one would reasonably expect that those responsible for the sub-prime mortgage fraud and subsequent embezzlement of taxpayer bailout money to be held accountable for their actions.

Here is my question to Barak Obama...

"Mr President what do you intend to do about those who are criminally responsible for this crisis that is now robbing millions of people of their financial security and leaving countless future generations to pay the price of this wholesale financial fraud?"

And his response...



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Re: Will those responsible for the financial fraud be held ...

I saw the PBS Moyers / Black interview a couple weeks ago. I was surprised this information ever saw the light of day but it did. And that is a good thing... It's an amazing story and should have made front page, prime time news but of course it did not. How this information is kept marginalized is amazing. People don't seek out the really important news, much less the truth behind the news. There is another interview at the PBS - Moyers Site that is equally important. The Glen Greenwald & Amy Goodman discussion is a brief look into the media / journalism story of our times. Folks should go there and see that as well. I hope eventually more people will become involved and help enlighten & educate others on these important topics. 


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