Why We Fight

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Why We Fight

I was sorry to see the Superpower documentary pulled but I hope they get it released

for general distribution. It is an important piece of the puzzle of our current economic,

military and energetic predicament.

The following is a documentary which predated Superpower. It is quite good 

and takes a slightly different approach. It should illumine some of the more closed minds

as to why we really fight. IE. It has nothing t do with truth, liberty or freedom. It is all about 

Empire. Enjoy?


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Re: Why We Fight

Ok, so, here I am in response to the reply you made in Mike's strategy thread. Since this is your thread I have no qualms about derailing this thread.

V wrote:

"Even should oil run out tomorrow, there be great famine and a plague, and the human species reduced to a fraction of it's former size, say 1 billion (roughly 1/7 th the current population), the species couldn't care less. In fact it would still be the most populous species on the face of the earth and therefore the most successful, perhaps not as successful, but still the most successful. Yes I'm anthropomorphing the Human species, but it illustrates a point."

Sorry Mr. Gung

With 1  billion humans we would not be the most populous species.

That is unless you consider populous as people as opposed to 


Of course the derivation is from the Latin, populus.

So by definition even if there were one person (people)

it would be the most populous.

If you use the definition of crowded then I think you still are off the mark.

As for most successful, well there are species that were here before us 

and will likely be here after us. ex. cockroaches.

So again the devil is in the details. How do you define successful.

btw What if the one seventh are all Muslims? I think there are about a billion of them.

Ok I'm going to make some personal observations these are purely behavioral, I'll try not to draw conclusions.
  • You're confrontational
  • You split hairs to win "points"
  • You make statements with no backing or logical thought process
  • You use double spacing which I personally find very irritating
  • You have repeatedly stated your 60+ years old
  • You seem to push your agenda rather than stating your position
  • As far as I know you have only criticised other positions, never really explained your own
Now from this I will draw conclusions, since I personally find you very irritating and obnoxious.
  • You enjoy the anonymity of the internet, it gives you a cover to give your "opinion" with no fear of reprisal, I suspect that were we face to face, you'd be significantly less abrasive than you are here.
  • You are egoistic
  • You seek attention by making controversial statements
  • You are proud of your intellect
  • You feel that age gives you gravitas, which is why you state your age so frequently. With age wisdom does not always come. Nor do I believe all that is written on the internet.
  • You assume that the only reason people do not have your position is that they have not seen the data you've seen. A great example is this thread, I know the Eisenhower Military-Industrial complex speech, and to a degree I agree with Eisenhower, however your pointed statement "It should illumine some more closed minds" is indicating to me at least that you think that you have "seen the light", and that others who have not "seen the light" have closed minds that need opening. which indicates to me non-critical thinking, since you miss perhaps that others may have evaluated your position and dismissed it.
  • You assume there is right and wrong in decision making.
  • You demonstrate the cliche of "when the only tool you know is a hammer, all things appear to be nails"
  • You are pretentious.
Indeed in the spirit of community which is Chris' goal, in my opinion, you are behaving in a way that is anathema to it. Now this is not intended to be a flame war, nor do I particularly care about your response, I'll be frank, I flipped the bozo bit on you a long time ago, so I know I'm wasting my time. However consider this my feedback as a gift, you can take it or leave it as you wish, perhaps if you listen to some of it, then maybe we could have a serious discourse and exchange of ideas.
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Re: Why We Fight


Gungnir you are letting V get to you.

Brothers...be cool.


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Re: Why We Fight



SUPERPOWER   =  http://www.watch-movies-online.tv/movies/superpower/

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