Why Societies Collapse (Video)

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Why Societies Collapse (Video)

This was filmed in 2003:  http://www.ted.com/talks/jared_diamond_on_why_societies_collapse.html

''The Elite took decisions good for the short run but bad for the society as a whole . The Elite would do things bad for the society in the long run. Especially if the elites are able to insulate themselves from the consequences of their actions.''

Food for thought for all of us.

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Short-term/Long-term Risk Twist

Interesting quote.

I might also add...

A good con person makes you think you are choosing...so you don't know you are being conned.

Some choices are more destructive than others.

If I tried to tell/con you to get your liver moved to where your heart is, you probably would know that is a bad idea.

Consider this excerpt from Leo Tolstoy's essay TO WOMEN for a twist on long-term/short-term risk:

...Although we, with our science, avons change tout ca, the law for the
man, as for woman, remains as unalterable as the liver in its place
and departure from it is equally punished with inevitable death. The
only difference lies in this, that departure from the law, in the
case of the man, is punished so immediately in the future, that it
may be designated as present punishment; but departure from the law,
in the case of the woman, receives its chastisement in a more distant


~TO WOMEN by Leo Tolstoy

(Bold emphasis added)

Full essay source: http://www.online-literature.com/tolstoy/2740/


On the topic of gender equality...men and women are biologically different...and both have biological work to do.

In our culture, the work of the mothering(childcare) is not important. Mothers are offered 6 weeks before returning to work(a job) to bond with, nourish, comfort, and learn to rear her infant. Flatterers tell us daycares offer care. Would a lioness leave her cubs with a penguin?  

Think about it...Is this choice in the best interest of the mother or the child? Or have we been conned in the name of rights and profits(a better life).

Additionally, a daycare offers care for a fee(price). A true mother's work is unpaid...but somehow mothers have been conned to think it is best if she provides societies ideals and pays someone else to do her work as mother. The fact that childcare is paid work(labor) in our society should be reason enough for us to realize we do not want to outsource this important work...leaving the risk and responsibility to someone else.

In the short-term and long-term a stable family is important. Mothers and Fathers naturally dividing the family work of earning a living, keeping a household in order, and child-care, based on biological needs, creates resilence. Both parents focused on career building and childcare often leaves both lacking.

Leo Tolstoy's essay TO WOMEN describes delusive/ficticious labor in depthIn short, delusive labor attempts to eliminate the personal risk(responsibility) of labor.

An important need for an infant is comfort...until the child is ready to bear risk and responsibility of independent action.

Delusive labor is the tool of con artists...and leaves adults expecting the comfort of no risk and responsibility that infants should be receiving.

A responsible man or women is not comforted by others doing their labor and bearing their risk.




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The Meddler lyrics video:






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Would a lioness leave her cubs with a penguin? 

Exponential growth has forced Corporations to demand that women leave their children and go to work. And what in the past would have been a Vice we now call a virtue. The only time civilisation has called women away from their vital role has been in Wartime.

There will be a price exacted on our children for their lack of Mothering. And it will be passed down from generation to generation.  It is a great sin that has been perpertrated by the Psychopathic Corporation. It has no soul and must be destroyed before it destroys Humanity.

It is a moral imperative that Corporations are killed, and that Virtue is restored in the world.

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