Why Should the US$ Crash Before Euro?

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Why Should the US$ Crash Before Euro?

A relative Newbie here, and have been mightily encouraged and certainly educated by the wealth of comments and postings on this site; not to mention Chris Martenson Crash Course...outstanding. 

My question is having understood that the wealth of posts point to a USD$ crash (to some extent or other) as opposed to a crash of the Euro, why should this be?

There are many comments and links to relating to articles on how a number of countries in the EU are in a pivotal financial position in that they have either lent considerable % of their GDP to Eastern European (Ukraine. Latvia etc) countries or who have significant exposure to mortgages to these same countries; Austria, Switzerland and Sweden to start, With Ireland, Spain & Greece mentioned to be dire straights as well.

Surely, if things start to unwind in Europe first, then the USD may be seen as a safer haven than anywhere else on the planet. There is only so much gold we can walk around with - and it really does not lend itself to e-commerce quite yet. 

Or are we going to be converting our Euros and $'s pretty smartish into Yuan?

Thanks in advance for any comments. 

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