Why Iceland Should Be In The News But Is Not

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Why Iceland Should Be In The News But Is Not

This is a pretty interesting article on what has been happening to Iceland after their economic collapse recently. A bit inspiring, I hope to hear more about this somwhere. Looks like they are taking the lessons in stride, and restructuring their constitution from the ground up.



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 yep. Good folk.

 yep. Good folk.

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Inspiring story

An inspiring story.  Something the MSM and their cronies does not want US Citizenery to hear about.

I especially liked the reaction the people had to the idea of increasing their taxes to pay off private losses.  In our own neo-liberal economy, transferral of private losses to the public dole is still being done with abandon.  Perhaps a special flat tax on every head for the next 15 years to pay off the shenanigans would wake up the populace?




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