Why does the media in America suck?

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Why does the media in America suck?

I am not too young to remember Walter Cronkite, or events like the 1972 Israeli Olympic massacre in Munich, or Watergate. 

The reason I bring these events or people up is that this is when the news was good. It was objective and not agenda driven. I believe this changed with the Nixon administration and the Watergate crimes. Then media became slowly agenda driven. Now we have educated Journalists (what a degree to have, its like a degree in Art) non educated people and specialists telling us what we should know, or being directed to what we should see and hear. Molding our thoughts like clay depending on what news channel or medium you prefer. Have you ever watched world news? They don't usually have an opinion unless it's a tragic event. They do not tell you how you should feel, or do, or act. The BBC is really different from American news because they not only report on ALL the world, but they do it without an agenda. Even though I was a kid, I miss the days when the news was just reported and not opinionated on constantly. Oh yes once in awhile we would have an opinion at the end of the news, but not with all the news. This has good and bad effects on America. For one, it opens the door a bit more into politics and is a more watchful eye, but then it is mutated by how they want to report it. The media is controlled and is one of the most dangerous tools in society. Burying the truth at most times. It can also ruin peoples lives depending on the situation, IE wrongly accused of a crime like Richard Jewel and the 1996 summer Olympics bombing. He was lynched by the media when no charges were ever filed. This ruined his life, and he died at 44. Even though he was in poor health, his medical condition was surely worsened by the stress of all that he had to go through. Look at the recent Georgian conflict with Russia. Every station was reporting that we are facing a new cold war and must protect Georgians from the massive Russian army and support Democracy. I say BS. I say that this is purely fear mongering at it's finest. Plus, we can invade Iraq and Afghanistan, remove and assisinate Iraq's leader, and occupy a country without a care. If the Russians want to COMPLETLY take over Georgia, I don't really care because what we do in America is far worse. This is a Russian issue, not an American one. You know, not everyone wants Democracy in the world. But the media pushes this agenda, and it's no different then the communists pushing for it in the past. Who are we to say how others should live? Who are we to say our system is the best? Who made us the police of the world? What makes it worse is we went after the wrong country with no evidence of WMD at all! Billions upon Billions being spent for nothing. We will end up walking away from this with zip, nada, ziltch. We might as well just become conquerors and start setting up territories in all these countries. I believe the war was a mistake, but I also believe if you put this much into it, just take it over! But they don't want Iraq's gas to be cheap, that would only benefit Americans, and oil companies and big banks don't make money that way. And that's just not the American way! The American way is to spend astronomical amounts of money on a war against terror that practically does not exist and walk away with nothing. Just because we were introduced to terrorism makes us no different than London, Ireland, the Middle East, etc. Terrorism is a Hydra. You cut of one head and another is ready. How can you fight that? Why do it this way? Ask the big banks and the defense contractors, because they are smiling and laughing all together right now with all the money they have made and will make in the future. War is business, that's all. Terrorism is business. Media sensationalism is business. The media pushes this fear agenda down our throats hourly. They are the first tool in the arsenal of tools to make you succumb to all of this nonsense. It's the constant dumbing down of America. It's the new form of propaganda, that's all. It's getting so hard to get to the truth these days it's like we most would rather hear the lie. You hear things like it's a matter of national security, and that gives the government the right to do anything it wants. We are no different then what we broke away from to start this country, and that's English rule. Only the English were smarter than us. If they spent time, money and lives to win a battle, that was a new territory for them. Right or wrong, if your going to put this much into it, go all the way. I don't like war and many soldiers or people dying for no reason, on any side. But I also believe to protect America we could have put ALL of this mountain of wasted money into internal defense, as well as education, medicine, research, industry, technology, security and many other things that support America and it's citizens. Iran and Venezuela are coming next. Nuclear missiles and all that terror, and dictators that don't agree with American policy and have oil. If Israel attacks Iran or in reverse, Israel has enough nuclear weapons to level Iran as well as the entire Middle East region, and they will do it. This complete cornucopia of media crap that is going on today makes Richard Nixon look like George Washington.

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Re: Why does the media in America suck?



Your thought process and writing ability are far better than mine, I wish I could do as well !!   I thought your article on the media was spot on, and I am apalled that America has somehow allowed themselves to become so dumbed down, that they allow themselves to be spoonfed a bunch of crap on a daily basis, without ever questioning it. I was and am a supporter of Ron Pauls approach to the economy, and his foreign policy, and I watched as the media totally either ignored him, or made him look foolish in the  eyes of the American voters.  Now I don't care whether you like this man or not, that is your right, but to have an agenda to exclude him from expressing his ideas is totally against anything that I thought America stood for. I love my country more than I ever have, but I deplore this government and what it has turned my country into.  I don't know where we are going exactly, but it is more than frightening that a group of 600 legislators and some in the shadows have been allowed to ruin a country of 300 million.  I pray that we wake up, and do it soon, or I see a revolution in this country that will cost many lives, as I don't see the knowledgable and armed minority sitting around and allowing the destruction of our once great nation for the benefit of a few elite.      starbucks2

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Re: Why does the media in America suck?


once again my man my kudos.

one correction tho the media does not suck it is doing exactly what the masters wish. you my friend are just a broken machine.

i sent out an email yesterday to the over  100 people on my list telling them that they should not send money to NPR(national propaganda radio). they are doing their fund raising now. i have listened to it for years and have seen a very subtle shift. i really started paying attention when they axed bob edwards. bill moyers covered it a little and then bill was gone from NOW.

NPR'S coverage of the bailout was nothing less than disgraceful i listened every morning and in the afternoon to all things considered? they never once had any economist on to say there are other ways t handle this. it was all fear mongering . it even the same on this american life with ira glass.

the nazis  in congress in their contract with america cut off funding for pbs and np. now we have the sweet syrupy voices of soma stoned "liberal " reporters coming over "public" air waves paid for by corporations like citigroup ( a beneficiary  of the bailout) and more non profit foundations than i can shake a stick at, telling us we all need to be calm and do what our elders tell us.

but to get to your question. we  both know. being students of history the nazis perfected it and the neo nazis have refined it.

corporate control (governmental corporate) has taken over completely. we are spoon fed the drivel they wish us to imbibe.

they have destroyed our school systems so that they do nothing but produce illiterate serfs or literate serfs.

critical thinking has gone the way of the dinosaurs. 

i got 1 email reply that requested to be removed from my list because npr is where he gets his news from and he did not like me criticising them. 

the last bastion of any kind of free info is the internet and i am quite sure they are working on that as well.

they are good very good at what they do and you will recognize them because they will tell you they want to help you .

orwell was an optimist.

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Re: Why does the media in America suck?

Krogoth, You rock Babe!  Right on the mark!

The thing is this, news isn't about news anymore.  It's about reality TV and entertainment.  News, from a broadcast business perspective is also the least expensive thing to produce.  All you need is a backdrop, an actor (AKA Anchor), and a camera.  People love drama, especially when it's somebody else's!  Why do people watch Jerry Springer?  Because when you think your life sucks, you can turn on the news or shows like that and think "Wow, that guy's life sucks way more than mine!" and you feel better about yourself!

I also remember a time when the news was the news - that was it.  And yes, they give their opinion - at the end, and it was clearly stated that it was an opinion, and they welcomed comments in support and those of opposing viewpoints.  Why?, because they offered those too -  as other OPINIONS.

The rise in the number and popularity of news entertainment has lent itself to an agenda-driven machine.  Take a look at the folks who control the media.  The list reads a lot like the one we have for the banks! It's not about news, it's about business and money - period.



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Re: Why does the media in America suck?

Paragraph breaks, Krogoth, paragraph breaks! 

I don't want to sound too pedantic, but they exist for a reason: to organize larger thoughts and ideas into their smaller, constituent ones so that information can be presented more cleanly.


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Re: Why does the media in America suck?
Yea I know, sorry. I was up late typing this one. I usually type the whole thing then put the paragraph breaks in. I am a programmer, so I am used to typing everything at once. It's just the way my mind works, LOL.
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Re: Why does the mainstream media averywhere suck?


 Agreed, my answer is that the media in America suck, because most of the American people WHO SUPPORT, ENDORSE AND GRANT THEM THE 'AUTHORITY' AS ALLEGED AUTHORITATIVE MEDIA, are just plain stupid...

 For example:

Journalism as a Weapon of War

"During the Cold War, a group of Russian journalists toured the United States. On the final day of their visit, they were asked by their hosts for their impressions. “I have to tell you,” said their spokesman, “that we were astonished to find, after reading all the newspapers and watching TV, that all the opinions on all the vital issues were, by and large, the same. To get that result in our country, we imprison people, we tear out their fingernails. Here, you don't have that. What's the secret? How do you do it?”

What is the secret? It's a question now urgently asked of those whose job is to keep the record straight: who in this country have extraordinary constitutional freedom. I refer to journalists, of course, a small group who hold privileged sway over the way we think, even the way we use language.I have been a journalist for more than 40 years. Although I am based in London, I have worked all over the world, including the United States, and I have reported America's wars. My experience is that what the Russian journalists were referring to is censorship by omission, the product of a parallel world of unspoken truth and public myths and lies: in other words, censorship by journalism, which today has become war by journalism. 

For me, this is the most virulent and powerful form of censorship, fuelling an indoctrination that runs deep in western societies, deeper than many journalists themselves understand or will admit to. Its power is such that it can mean the difference between life and death for untold numbers of people in faraway countries, like IraqDuring the 1970s, I filmed secretly in Czechoslovakia, then a Stalinist dictatorship. I interviewed members of the dissident group, Charter 77. One of them, the novelist Zdener Urbanek, told me, “We are more fortunate than you in the West, in one respect. We believe nothing of what we read in the newspapers and watch on television, nothing of the official truth. Unlike you, we have learned to read between the lines of the media. Unlike you, we know that that real truth is always subversive.” By subversive, he meant that truth comes from the ground up, almost never from the top down. (Vandana Shiva has called this 'subjugated knowledge'). (Article by John Pilger)

Excerpt from JAG-IA 07-146 court record documentation, namely 3 Days of the Condor: GeoPolitics of Oil Depletion: Calling All Former Intellectual Prostitutes: Editors, Journalists and Politicians, Willing to Awake, Stand Up and Give a Damn..., dated 14 January 2007


Have you heard about it? NO!!

Censorship by ommission.......


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