Why the audit the Fed bill failed!

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Why the audit the Fed bill failed!

Got this in my email today. Now I know why the Fed won't be audited. This is for my state. But I figure it's the same in most states. Watch the video. It's short and to the point.


Sign the petition: H.R. 1207 to audit the Fed.


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Re: Why the audit the Fed bill failed!

Audit the Fed?

To expect that this will happen is absurd because our government is nothing more than than a puppet to the Federal Reserve.  In other words, the Fed is really our government.  This being the case, when we, as citizens, call for an audit of the Fed, what we are really asking for is an audit of our own government; the problem being that those who we ask to initiate the audit, congress, are lap dogs to the all powerful Fed.  This being the case, Congress pays lip service to calls for a Fed audit to make us feel like we have some say  in the matter and when the chips are down, does what is expected of them by our New World Order masters..............And in case you do not realize it, the New World Order is really the Old World Order aka the Federal Reserve.

As Americans, we pledge allegiance to a Republic which no longer exists, ask God to bless a nation which has a foundation of lies, and ask our so called elected representatives to audit the Fed aka the New World Order which is really the government of the world.  Is it any wonder that our leaders believe Americans are ignorant fools.  How can they think otherwise when this is how we behave.



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