Why 2012 Will Be Better then 2011

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Why 2012 Will Be Better then 2011

 Not sure if this was posted before, but worth a read:


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In contrast........

In contrast to the long-winded 2012 forecasts of others, mine is short and sweet. Here it is:


Description:<br /> http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-WRYldkcOh9U/TvnIQx8sdNI/AAAAAAAAA2s/Nn5UXv8ZdVY/s1600/wile-e-coyote.jpg


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Just like Wile E Coyote...

Just like Wile E Coyote I am amazed how long the world economy can stay up in the air when its pretty obvious there is nothing below those gyrating legs....  will 2012 be the year we look down?

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 Joker Obama Burns Money



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30 bbl barrels

It should be worse than 2011....  we burned though another 30 Billion Barrels of oil so there is that much less left....  


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