Whole House Water Filter?

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Whole House Water Filter?

 Hi everyone,

New member here and very excited I found this community!  Just a general question as I have been doing research here and across the web on the topic of whole house water filtration systems.  I really want to get one to remove the clorine and floride and all the other usual suspects.  I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations I should be looking at?  

The only one that I have really found is linked below.  Thanks for any help!


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Be careful now! I've been

Be careful now! I've been there and done that and have 15 years of experience with a whole household rainwater harvesting and filtration system. Along the way I've made about every mistake imaginable but I made a point of learning something each time. I suppose this is a way of saying that I'm something of an expert, having learned my lessons the hard (expensive) way.

From your post it sounds to me like you plan to use tap water as your source  instead of rainwater and you just want to remove the parts that you find objectionable. Tap water contains chlorine, which is highly poisonous in large concentrations, but highly useful in smaller concentrations. The water utilities can be trusted to get that right. You don't hear many stories of people getting chlorine poison from drinking tap water. And by the way, chlorine dissipates fairly quickly.

Before you spend vast sums on a household water treatment system, why not consider alternatives? Do you mind showering with tap water? How about using it in your washing machine & dishwasher? Do you have a problem with rinsing your toothbrush with tap water? If your answer to these questions is no, then you might want to look into small scale water filtration systems for your drinking water, for cooking and your ice maker.

A lot of people around the country do just that. I will throw out one brand for your consideration with the understanding that there are others equally good. You should investigate before you make a decision. In my emergency supplies I have a Big Berkey filtration system. It is stone-simple, consisting of an upper chamber into which you pour raw water. It uses either two or four (your choice) ceramic filters -- they look like candles that are rounded on top. The water passes through the filters into the lower chamber by gravity flow. No electricity is required. There is a spigot on the side of the lower chamber to drain the treated water. A little patience is required while the water flows through the filters into the lower chamber.

Filtration systems like this are safe. You won't get sick from drinking the water. People who are forced to rely on rather nasty water can opt to replace the ceramic filter elements with more expensive carbon filters. A carbon filter, by the way, will remove chlorine. Do some on-line reseach and you'll learn what elements the various filters will remove from your water.

Again, I'm not offering testimonials here for the Big Berkey, but it is a well-known brand and the firm has lots of satisfied customers. The filter elements are good for several thousand gallons of water before you have to replace them. Another possibility is a reverse-osmosis filtration system that fits neatly under your kitchen sink. I suggest that you hold off making a decision until you do some research. This will save you money. You can use the bucks you saved to purchase other needed emergency supplies.

Basically, instead of having to spend thousands of dollars, you can get the job done with an investment of a few hundred dollars. By the way, one merchant that advertises on the Martenson website and sells water purification systems is St. Paul Mercantile. You might check out what that firm has to offer in water purification systems.

I noticed that you have only made a couple of posts, so welcome to what you are likely to find is one of the more civilized discussion boards. Ask straightforward questions and you'll likely find that someone here has the answers you are looking for. Also, there is a convenient search feature on this site that allows you quickly to find what others have posted on topics of general interest. If you have follow up questions you can send me a private message and I will respond. Again, please take the time to research this thoroughly before you pull the trigger.

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This is not whole house but their best countertop filter is only $50., cheap enough to put on every faucet. Removes all of that bad stuff. I replace the filter, not the holder, about every nine months when it starts to slow down. It has a small diversion switch, not practical for small children. I'm still alive after using it for a decade and it takes out all the too-intense chlorine compounds in my water that you can smell when you turn on the tap. An alternative if you decide not to go whole house. It does not soften water.


There was a big water discussion here after Fukushima, you can search it. I got a Big Berkey as backup when my local water supply had bacteria problems.


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Try some RO systems

Why not try some reverse osmosis systems? Click here to learn more!

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Hi, There are different types


There are different types of water filtration systems from on-the-tap faucet filtration systems dispensers and pitchers using carbon filters, to those using reverse osmosis technique etc.
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Try some RO systems

The above link is not effective. Another link: http://wisemommy.net/best-reverse-osmosis-system-reviews/

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Hello, But pitcher filters

But pitcher filters have either activated carbon or a carbon block filter which can remove chlorine and many VOC's. Some of these filters along with carbon have DI media to reduce the TDS (total dissolved solids) and will substantially improve the quality of the water in very limited quantities.
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Whole House Water Filter?
These days individuals are utilizing more than only a sink channel in their homes. After studies turned out reporting the threats of showering and cleaning with tap water, numerous individuals have taken the dive and purchased entire house water channels. 
It may sound like a misrepresentation to utilize an entire house water channel yet it's truly not. The perils of what leaves your tap are not just an issue when you drink it. Essentially any action that includes the utilization of faucet water is a danger. Here are 7 extraordinary advantages of utilizing an entire house channel that may persuade you to additionally take the dive. 
1 ) Whole house channels are your last method for assurance if your metropolitan treatment office were to separate. Envision the repulsiveness of getting messy water just deserving of a sewer leaving your sink. Breakdowns are known not and the best way to stay safe is with an entire house channel. 
2.) An entire house water system is an one-stop answer for filtration. You won't need separate channels in your washroom and kitchen. You will just need one framework that will take care of business. 
3.) Whole house channels keep the air in your home more clean. This is particularly vital in the event that anybody in you're family experiences sensitivities or asthma on the grounds that these conditions can be disturbed when chemicals that originate from the tap are discharged noticeable all around. 
4.) When you have an entire house channel, you can wash your garments in clean, sifted water. This implies that no brutal chemicals will get installed in your apparel and your garments will last a great deal longer. Chemicals in faucet water cause the strands in fabric to separate all the more rapidly. 
5.) Whole house channels give the cleanest drinking water conceivable on the grounds that there will be no contaminants entering your homes plumbing framework. 
6.) An entire house ro water system is significantly more compelling than separating the shower in light of the fact that it uproots the majority of the contaminants when the water is at a low temperature. Shower channels then again uproot less contaminants since they are utilized once. 
7.) Whole house channels diminish cleanser rubbish on dishes and in your lavatory. You will see that you invest a great deal less energy scouring your home in light of the fact that cleanser filth will about vanish. 
Essentially, there are an immense number of advantages to utilizing entire house water channels. Of course, any channel is superior to anything no channel by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, why not harvest the most extreme advantages by having the majority of the water in your home sifted in a single killer blow? 
You won't need to stress over introducing distinctive contraptions all through your home as each water source in your home will have crisp, separated water. It's helpful, simple, and shockingly moderate. There is truly no reason not to give it a shot.ny of the others they should be supplanted all the time. Utilizing them after their lifespan has finished would be vanquishing the entire motivation behind filtration.
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Whole House Water Filter?

I have a whole-house system by Aquasana that works very well.  It get great reviews and has been very effective. 

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Filter Only As Needed

The average household uses about half of all the water consumed for flushing toilets. It seems to me that purifying water to top level drinking quality to then flush it down the john is a shocking waste of resources.

Obviously water used for cooking and drinking should be top quality, filtered and purified to the max. This can be achieved with a two stage fine particle + activated carbon filter in the line to the kitchen sink. Or put in a reverse osmosis unit if the incoming supply is really bad.

For showering, bathing, clothes washing and general usage, water from the well or town supply is almost certainly safe. Obviously, well water should be tested and treated accordingly.



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Whole House Water Filter?

I like Aquasana's range of whole house water filters, but different companies tend to specialize in different things. Take a look at how the most popular models compare here: https://waterfilteranswers.com/compare-whole-house-water-filter-reviews/

Though Aquasana seem expensive initially, the running costs (replacement filters) are not.

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water filters

I also have used an Aquasana whole-house filter, and been very happy with it.

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Best Whole House Water Filter

City water is purified by adding chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses. These chemicals such as chlorine or chloramines remain in water and create a serious health hazard. Whole House Water Filtration systems are capable of treating chlorine and chloramines and provide us the safe drinking water.

I have written a huge article on Top Whole House Water filter to buy for your home. This article contains buyer's guide, top 10 filters available & my recommended filter.

This information will be useful for you to make an informed decision.

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