Who owns the central banks

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Who owns the central banks

Here’s are some documentaries that detail an alternative version of the truth of the financial crisis and the changes occurring in the world – than what we are hearing in the official news. A prominent Spanish professor of structural economics called Jose Luis Sampedro said a few years ago that we live in a world with two problems which if not stopped would have catastrophic consequences on the world. These problems are:

1. Is that we have the illusion of democracy. That in fact the world was controlled by the wealthy and powerful (ie. central bankers), who through their control of the media (bankers have stakes in all news companies), control of the money creation process, control the democratic process.

2. Our current economic model is based on illimited resources - whereas the world is finite. The documentaries propose how these catastrophic consequences can soon become a reality - through money and assett grabbing by the wealthy and powerful.

These documentaries detail how we are moving from a world of freedom, to a world of slavery through the centralization of wealth by the central banks, through the levying of debt on society where central bankers profit from the system, and by the relinquishing of individual liberties for "security".

We need to start thinking of the disproportionate power and interests of central bankers in driving this crisis - which by the way, was not an accident. We need to also start looking at history differently - and seeing the invisible hand of the central bankers in planting the seeds in the wars and events of the past. We need rise up and push the government to control the money creation process in NA and in Europe. Unless we do this, my guess is that we are headed for a WWIII.

But there is hope. Obama was mainly funded by internet companies such as Microsoft, and Google with only one bank being in the top 5 doners, in contrast to Hillary and McCain whose top dones where all banks. I am hopeful that with Obama in power, Google as of yet not not owned by banks, and websites such as this one, we will be able to educate people about this abuse of power.

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Re: Who owns the central banks

Freedom from the banks - Take out your money. That will show who is the boss.Smile

But unfortunately most people are sheep and have no interest in controlling their own lives.


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Re: Who owns the central banks



Great post! My sentiments exactly. The sheeple somehow need to be "re-educated" about what is really going on in this world and how the CB's are behind it pushing their agenda. How do we do this? Education, education, education.

Obama may have only one big bank donor our of top 5, but I'm not impressed so far with the track record or cabinet picks. He needs to get people involved that don't have skin in the game of wall street.

Writing your CONgressman has no effect.....look at the TARP!. 90% against, they still vote it in. What a bunch of useless beaucrats!

We need an organized march on Washington DC with at least a million people shutting the city down for a day much like MLK did years ago. This is the only thing, IMHO, that we get the change we need. 


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