Who do YOU trust?

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Who do YOU trust?

I've come up with a short list of names of financial gurus/advisors that I believe know what they are talking about when it comes to our finances/economy/future. I try to see what advice they are giving out everyday. Curious who yours are.

In no particular order:

Our own Chris Martenson

Ron Paul

Jim Rogers

Nouriel Roubini

Stephen Leeb

David Walker

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Re: Who do YOU trust?


I agree with most of your list, but I would have to add Peter Shiff of Euro Pacific investments to your list.  He was or maybe still is, one of Ron Pauls financial consultants and has a record of being correct most of the time in his predictions.                         starbucks2 

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I trust

my mom, and not that much. She's a tricky old woman who rifles through my pockets for change a lot. She CLAIMS she is helping me with laundry, but I doubt it.






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Re: Who do YOU trust?

I agree with most of your list - not too sure about Walker.Certainly agree about Chris Martenson and glad I found this site.

I trust Michael Panzner of Financial Armageddon.

I trust Fintan Dunne of Break For News _ unusual and sharp analyses of what is going on in this world- great audios and free.

I trust Dave McGowan of  Center for an Informed America - again an unusual and original analyzer of current times...and funny.

I trust Meria Heller - the mouth that roars - she is sincere and open to various points of view - I am not a fan of human-caused global warming like Meria is, but I appreciate the information as delivered through a wide assortment of guests on the podcasts (on many topics).

Probably have a much longer list of who i don't trust but why go there.

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Re: Who do YOU trust?

Krogoth--thanks for the levity! Good humor is always appreciated.

Mad props to everyone named on joemanc's list; personally I'm a HUGE fan of Jim Rogers.

Re: David Walker: he's the former Comptroller General (basically the chief accountant for the United States Goverment) who was appointed by three past U.S. Presidents (Democrate & Republican!) and who recently quit in order to concentrate full time on alerting the general public as to the economic crisis the United States faces due the national deficit & upcoming crisis relating to Medicare & Social Security. He was heavily featured in the recent documentary I.O.U.S.A. which should everyone here at this site should watch & promote.

My only concern w/ joemanc's list is that there's no diversification of thought or opinion on it.

In terms of mainstream investment advice, I don't think you can do much better than Andrew Tobias. andrewtobias.com Everyone should read his book "The Only Investment Guide You Will Ever Need". (I think that's the title, or something like that anyway.)

Recently found this website   http://www.simplyrich.com/   which is the personal website of an accountant named Les Antman. He also has a reader forum at  http://personalfinancialplanning.yuku.com/  and an interesting article on commodities: http://simplyrich.editme.com/CommodityFutures Haven't had time to fully research or explore any of the above three sites, so not actually recommending recommending them, just suggesting that it might be worth looking into.


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Re: Who do YOU trust?

My dog.  He's the only one who loves me unconditionally.  It would be PC to say my kids, but anybody with a teenager already knows better!


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Re: Who do YOU trust?

 I get the dog  bit and can't agree more, as far as Roubini is concerned I used to think that he had it right now he is calling for more and more government intervention in the financial markets and that spells disaster.

 I trust Richard Martin, he has a radio show called "Wake Up call" on progressive radio network - he called all of this years and years ago.



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The lord is all you can trust in

Everyone here needs to realize that the lord is the only one to take us through any crisis. The lord is the only one you trust in. Praise his name. Don't trust mortals, just trust the creator.






Big Ben

Go Manchester United

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Re: Who do YOU trust?

If it wasn't clear already, it sure is now...maybe that's the best to come out of this...awakening.

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