Where to search land for sale?

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Where to search land for sale?

Hey all -


I'm looking to search for land in the Northeast, both for getting a general sense of prices/availability and to find a single piece of property to eventually purchase. Any recommendations for sites or general approaches? Craigslist seems to not be the way to go...



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northeast land


try this one

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Try Raveis.com or Realtor.com

Try Raveis.com or Realtor.com

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Land And Farm

Land And Farm


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 PeakerSeeker, PM me or if

 PeakerSeeker, PM me or if you're comfortable with it with post here more specifically where in the NE you're looking. I'm acquiring information and seeking to purchase land throughout the NE.

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Land For sale

Try Land Incorporated at http://www.LandIncorporated.com. Found several there.



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Indiana search site

you can search for all land for sale in Central Indiana at http://mibor.com

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Here's a resource that I am

Here's a resource that I am pretty familiar with, it's Boise classifieds and you can find a lot of things on sales there, from real estate to various types of gear. I hope you'll find it helpful.

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Mark Brown
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Land/Properties for sale (RI/MA)

If you are looking in RI or MA for any type of real estate, drop me a line. As a real estate broker,  I have several sources.  

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