Where to put my money (other than a tin can in my back yard)

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Where to put my money (other than a tin can in my back yard)


I have some money in variable annuities.  I don't really want to get into why I have it in annuities right now, but it's there and will be for a couple more years.  The economy scared me so I pulled it all out of stock and bond funds a while back and put it int fixed low interest funds.  I missed a lot of gains I could have had.  I still don't trust the market much, but was wondering if others out there has some advice for where I might move some of it.  I have limited choices of funds (things like income, growth, sectors like oil & gas, international, etc.)  I don't have many direct options except to choose from these broad funds.  Should I be more in international stocks?  US debt seems to be a bad place to be, but what about corp bonds?  What should the mix be?  I'm about 15 years from retirement (assuming I get to retire).

Any opinions would be helpful.



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DRHolden, There are more


There are more than a couple of threads on this topic.  Try a search...here's one result that may be helpful to you.


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Spend it.  Spend it on

Spend it.  Spend it on arable land, water tanks, solar panels, energy efficiency measures, moving (maybe?), learning skills if necessary, but spend it while you still have it.  That's what we did.  My bank balance is $200!

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Canadian Banks

Open an account in a Canadian Bank with some of your cash. A lot of what I read indicates their currency will remain stronger as ours goes down. We've had appreciation 6%+ to date.

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