Where is Mish and Chris?

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Where is Mish and Chris?

I have spent quite a while trying to figure out where "Off the cuff is hidden. Search did not help at all. Went to listen today and the link is off the home page. Pleas help!

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JRB-Try clicking on the


Try clicking on the "Martenson Insider" link right above the currently displayed Martenson Insider article (currently "The Rout is On") at the top of the main page.  This will bring you to a list of current and past Martenson Insider articles and podcasts, including the "Off the Cuff" podcasts with Mish (there is a total of 4 so far I think).  These podcasts are part of the enrolled/paid subscription member content, but I'm guessing you probably know that already...

This link here will also bring you to the Insider articles.

- Nickbert

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Insider - Duh...

Probably the only place I didn't look. Search didn't help at all. Nickbert did! Thanks

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Same difficulty

I'd also like to second, that I had a difficult time finding the Chris and Mish podcasts.  A search wasn't helpful and I hoped they would be listed under the category Martenson Podcasts.  I did finally find the podcasts, but others may also have some difficulty locating them.  Thanks.

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We understand it's harder than it should be to locate past "Off The Cuff' podcasts (and our other podcasts, as well). 

We're taking some quick & dirty steps now that will help a little, but mostly focused on getting the new site launched by end of next month, which will help dramatically in this.

Thanks for the feedback (and for your patience on this)


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